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AdWords Academy Courses
Fundamentals for Audiences
Learn why it’s important to segment your traffic and use AdWords to better reach different customers depending on where they are in the purchase journey.
Remarketing Lists for Search Ads
Learn how to use RLSA to reach people who’ve already shown interest in your brand, including how to create lists, set bids, and combine RLSA with other features.
Dynamic Search Ads
Learn how to automatically customize your ads for someone searching for something related to your website.
Customer Match
Learn how to use Customer Match to reach customers using data that you share with Google, including how to upload your data, set bids, and combine Customer Match with other features.
Display Remarketing
Learn how to show ads to previous visitors across the Google Display Network. We'll talk about static vs. dynamic remarketing, creating display ads, and bidding.
AdWords Academy Instructors
Brad Geddes
Brad Geddes has been involved in search engine marketing since 1998. Brad has been providing PPC training services since 2006. He’s the author of Advanced Google AdWords and has provided consulting and management services to companies whose monthly spends range from as little as $25 to over $10 million.